About Tom

Everyone takes pictures. For me, it was an innate desire to capture a memory or fleeting moment. Nothing more really. I never envisioned making it into anything else. I’m also nerd at heart, taking advantage of my techy cravings where I can get them; computers and cameras alike. Though despite not having a vision for my hobbies, those cameras managed to take me somewhere. In the beginning, social media sucked me in. I fiddled around with Instagram and Facebook until the day I saw a post about a photo competition, which I entered but didn’t place. That didn’t stop me. I sought out and learned from the greats; David Hobby, Zack Arias, and Chase Jarvis to name a few. It took books, videos, and trial and error to break through. From there it's been a rush; winning countless social media and photo community challenges, working numerous event's with VIP keynote speakers I never imagined I'd meet, having several businesses display my work 'in store' and online, then working my way to being published in an international magazine.

I’ve learned to thrive creating something new with every client I meet, recognition or not. Gear and vision only gets you so far.

In the end... I'm always looking for the next adventure!